HiDive To Stream ‘Princess Principal Crown Handler’ English Dub

‘Princess Principal: Crown Handler’ is the first in a series of movies that were a spin-off of the 2017 steampunk alternative history anime ‘Princess Principal’ from Studio 3HZ and Masaki Tachibana, who also directs the film. It was produced by the Japanese animation studio Actas with Sentai Filmworks acquiring the rights to do an English dub. It was originally released on Amazon, but now HiDive has announced they will stream it.
“The first Princess Principal Crown Handler movie is coming your way again, but this time with an English dub. Grab your spy gear and join us Wednesday, June 29, 2022,” they said on their website.
As D-Rezzed previously reported, the cast includes Avery Smithhart as Ange, Patricia Duran as the Princess, Elizabeth Bunch as Dorothy, Shanae’a Moore as Beatrice, and Rachael Messer as Chise.
You can watch the trailer below:

Wikipedia describes the plot synopsis as follows:
“In response to the assassination attempt on the Queen, the Duke of Normandy begins cracking down on suspected Commonwealth of Albion spies. Concerned that their mole within the royal family may be a double agent, Control tasks the Team White Pigeon with making contact with the mole and investigating him. Ange disguises herself as Princess Charlotte and meets the mole in the royal palace, and is surprised to discover that the mole is Winston, the grand chamberlain and the man that used to take care of her when she was a child. Winston recognizes Ange and lets her know that he is aware she is the real Charlotte and the other is an impostor. Ange and Charlotte explain to the rest of the team that he knows they are investigating him. Despite knowing the risk of Winston exposing them, the team continues to investigate him.”
‘Princess Principal: Crown Handler’ is the first in a series of six films. Yuki Kajiura handled the music for the anime.

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