Ubisoft Licensed NFTs Are Coming to Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft has had a rough relationship with fans over the past few years, with a number of controversies and industry discussions hammering at their reputation. One shining point for long-time Ubisoft that played the Assassin’s Creed series was the announcement of Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Assassin’s Creed Nexus in development. But that goodwill may be quickly diminished soon. A recent posting indicates Ubisoft licensed NFTs are inbound, and it’s rubbing people the wrong way.

According to a post on the website smartcollectibles, Assassin’s Creed NFTs will be dropping soon. While there is no official date that has been revealed yet, the website has information on how exactly they will work. The NFTs are called Smart Collectibles, which represent various characters from the Assassin’s Creed series. Each one will have varying outfits and weapons to make them stand out. A higher rarity for higher tiers will give gamers more options for customization. These NFTs are being made by Integrated Reality Labs, a company that has worked on other projects looking to blend gaming and NFTs together. Besides Ubisoft, they have partnered with other companies like GameStop and Dolby Family Ventures in the past.

The Smart Collectibles are officially licensed by Ubisoft and can be purchased using the Polygon blockchain, which can be customized and made into a 3D physical print within a glass cube. The physical versions will have a chip that can be scanned and interact with a companion application, verifying its authenticity. Outside of this, Integrated Reality Labs is selling 1500 Pieces of Eden Passes, which grant access to extra things like exclusive drops, limited collectibles, and priority for the physical prints.

There’s been a very contentious relationship between gamers and anything that involves NFTs. The backlash at many companies from the gaming community has been loud, despite multiple publishers trying to find ways to get involved with the NFT craze. Ubisoft was one of the first large publishers to show interest in NFTs and how they can be implemented into games, including the announcement of Ubisoft Quartz in December 2021. However, heavy criticism from fans has seemingly prevented the company from exploring the NFT landscape with their games until most recently.

Other large companies in the games industry have looked towards NFT implementation with their games, including Square Enix and SEGA. Both of which also received massive criticism from their respective fan bases. Very soon Ubisoft will be hosting their Ubisoft Forward presentation, which was originally going to be their E3 presentation until the company pulled out of attending this year. More information about the Smart Collectibles, such as pricing, may get revealed by Ubisoft during then. If things remain consistent, how Ubisoft fans may react to it might not be what the company is expecting.

What do you think about the Ubisoft NFTs coming to Assassin’s Creed? Do you have strong feelings about seeing anything NFT in new video games? Share your thoughts down below in the comment section and let your voice be heard!

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