Hasbro Releases A Ghostbusters Proton Pack Unboxing Video


After another long stint of silence from Hasbro regarding the full-funded Ghostbusters Plasma Series Proton Pack campaign, the toy company finally threw another bone our way. You’d think Hasbro would be better at delivering updates and products in a timely fashion; then again, those of us who pre-ordered the ALIENS Pulse Rifle a year ago are still waiting, while people who purchased the NERF gun online via GameStop already have them in hand…

For all of Hasbro’s questionable customer service, at least the company gave us a better look at what should be arriving at our doors in Spring 2023. Ghostbusters News reports that Hasbro has uploaded an unboxing video, showing off the supposedly final packaging for the Proton Pack and the replica. The unboxing includes a look at the items that were part of the stretch goals and the actual Proton Pack replica.

The video shows us the two light and sound sequences the pack comes with: 1984 mode and Afterlife mode. I was worried about this because the cyclotron effect in Afterlife is pretty cool, but could a toy pull this off? The answer is “yes.” The rumble, sound, and lighting effects are impressive, but the steps needed to swap modes look tedious. The drawback is where Hasbro decided to stick the switch that activates them. Rather than hiding the toggle switch somewhere on the pack’s exterior, you have to remove the bumper and cyclotron housing to reach the necessary controls. At least the engineers put the volume control in an easily accessible location (the hand crank).

The video isn’t an in-depth look at what all the pack can do, so there may be even more features hidden away, similar to what was found on the particle thrower. The included hose also allows you to control some functions of the pack directly from the thrower. However, the video only shows us that the handheld device can turn the pack on and off. I’d assume the wand will allow you to change the cyclotron’s volume and intensity and hopefully trigger hidden goodies like the various stream types from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

I noticed that the stickers are already on the pack, but a sheet of new 1984-era stickers is included. Does this mean those who want an original pack will have to put stickers over the Afterlife ones? That sucks. Another question I have is regarding the modifications to the pack. For example, are the extra cables and parts removable? That was one of the original selling points, but we’ve yet to see the HasLab crew show us a stripped-down Proton Pack that matches the original movie. Also absent from the unboxing is the hardware needed to fit the pack to an ALICE frame.

Check out the unboxing video below. Be warned; the fake enthusiasm is a bit cringy to watch.

[Source: Ghostbusters News]

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