Deadpool Co-Creator Rob Liefeld Celebrates ‘X-Force’ 30th Anniversary

Rob Liefeld is a well-known name among comic book readers, especially those familiar with Marvel Comics. Most know him as the co-creator of X-Men characters like Deadpool and Cable, but as also the writer of indie releases like ‘Agent America’ and Image Comics ‘Youngblood.’
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of X-Force, a comic book run that broke records in the 1990s, Liefeld reflects on the series and how Cable played a role in the series with Marvel’s website.
When asked where the idea of Cable came from, Liefeld explained, “I was tasked with introducing a new character to impact the NEW MUTANTS comic which had fallen way back from the rest of the X-Men line (in) terms of sales. I wanted a character that looked like a tough guy on the surface but who was as smart as Reed Richards. All the mystery I brought to the character was inspired by my love of soap operas, as well as my love of the Wolverine character who I had followed from his first appearance. Slowly I was able to peel back all the layers, the time travel, his secret legacy, his ultimate mission; it was a blast watching the fans welcome him and see the comic turn a corner as a result.”
“He was always a legacy character, a Summers son,” he continued. “Look no further than X-FORCE #1, pages 32-33, when I’m finally depicting him using his telekinesis and Domino freaks out, cautioning him from revealing his true identity. That was the next escalation of his mystery I’d been building toward. I knew exactly what I was doing, peeling back the mystery layer by layer.”
When asked why characters like Deadpool and Cable endured for so long, Liefeld pointed to their legacy.
“They are the templates for much what followed,” he said. “Suddenly a bunch of sci-fi, gun-toting warriors became everyone’s go-to solution for higher sales. But Cable and co. were the forbearers of that style because of the impact they had. Cable transformed the X-Universe in the span of 13 months.”
To celebrate the anniversary, Marvel Comics released ‘X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special’ #1 which is available now.