New Prime Minister of Japan Promises Better Wages for the Anime & Manga Industry

Fumio Kishida (aged 64) won the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Election in Japan, late last month, and is expected to be nominated as the 100th prime minister. Recently he was asked if he saw this years hit movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, and if so, which one was his favorite character.

Although he has never seen the anime, Fumio Kishida has read all 23 manga volumes. His favorite character is Akaza, the bad guy showcased in the Mugen Train Arc.

The Japanese workforce is known to be very grueling and underpaid, including in the manga and anime industry. There are countless stories of artists developing illness, sleeping at their workstation, or having very little life outside of their work. With suicide rates being high in Japan as well, let’s hope Fumio Kishida can help turn the tide to better working conditions for the future health of the workers, and the anime and manga industry.

Source: ComicBook, Yahoo! JP

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