Dynamite Comics Is Launching James Bond Into A New Mission

British author Ian Fleming’s suave secret agent James Bond is back for a new MI6 mission from Dynamite Comics in ‘James Bond: Himeros.’
Written by Rodney Barnes with artwork from Antonio Fuso and coloring from Adriano Augusto, Syfy Wire reports that the story will see 007 trying to stop an international human trafficking ring.
“I’ve always loved James Bond; the books, the movies, and the comics,” Barnes explained to Syfy Wire. “He’s got staying power that a lot of characters from his era lack. I chalk that up to the genius of Ian Fleming and my prayer and hope is that I do right by his creation. Himeros takes 007 on an adventure around the world, and an issue, sex trafficking, that’s a problem around the world as well.
He continued, “My goal with the series is to shine a light on the problem of sex trafficking and to bring Bond a case that’s a little closer to the ground—something that moves him emotionally and takes him out of his comfort zone. I couldn’t be happier with Antonio Fuso’s art, the various variant artists covers and our entire creative team. Very honored to be working with them and Dynamite.”

The synopsis explains, “The plot line finds billionaire British financier Richard Wilhelm behind bars after being charged with trafficking minors to his remote private island in the South Pacific. Now in official custody, his political, personal, and criminal connections to the elite of international society is in grave danger of being exposed.”
It continues, “Notorious arms developer Anton Banes happens to be one of these important parties, and he’ll stop at nothing to hide his tracks, including hiring an enigmatic assassin codenamed Kino to take down Wilhelm and any incriminating evidence.007 is then recruited to unravel the mystery and protect Wilhelm’s right-hand woman Sarah Richmond, who has a head full of precious secrets that everyone on all sides is after. A “Bond girl” like no other, can Sarah be trusted by Bond, or does she have blood on her own hands?”
With the latest Bond film starring Daniel Craig “No Time To Die,” getting another delay, fans will be able to get their fix with this new mission on the pages of a comic book.

Jacob Airey

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