Atomic Blast From The Past: Super7 Brings Back Marusan’s Godzilla!


Super7 is bringing back the simplistic Marusan Godzilla design in the ReAction toy line. The Marusan monsters were always on offer in bright colors and didn’t exactly look like the King of the Monsters’ on-screen appearance. However, if you were a kid of the ’70s and ’80s, we took what we could get when it came to the atomic beast.
This Godzilla is 3.75″ tall, matching the other ReAction figures. Yes, he features the “J-Tail,” which has become a sought-after collector’s item. This version of the iconic monster is painted metallic silver and has the red-painted eyes typically seen in Marusan toys.
Marusan-zilla will set you back $18.


Marusan’s articulated vinyl toys must have been a dream come true for kids in the 1960s. Finally, they had a Godzilla toy that could stand up to rough-and-tumble Kaiju play! This 3.75” scale articulated Toho ReAction figure of Marusan Godzilla features an upturned “J-Tail” from the very early versions of the original toy, along with a dark blue sculpted body with metallic silver paint detail, red eyes, and the Marusan logo stamped on its foot, just like the original toy! It would be a monstrous mistake not to add the Toho ReAction “J-Tail” Marusan Godzilla figure to your collection!

The original version was released in ’66 and underwent a little tweaking, leading to the original J-Tail release being rare.

For years you’d be able to find these figures at Toys R Us and other major toy stores. I’m pretty sure these companies would come across random old stock from Marusan. Then, they’d put out the Marusan monsters to fill the spot whenever there was empty shelf space. That’s why we’d keep finding them up until the early 1990s.
Since then, Marusan toys would have to be ordered online or tracked down at toy conventions. Had I known these toys would become this rare, I’d have used my entire allowance to scoop them up every time I saw them as a kid.
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