Transformers ’86 Rumble Is Here, But Where Is Soundwave?!

First, we crack the shell. Then we crack the nuts inside! Rumble may be small, but he makes up for it with sass and powerful jackhammer arms! The cassette-sized Decepticon has now joined the Transformers: The Movie line as a Core figure, meaning he’s small and easy on the budget. But the issue here is we still don’t have an ’86 Soundwave!

Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy

I know that a Soundwave that would fit in the 86 line is out there because he was released before, just not with the TF: TM branding on his box. So, what’s the holdup? Hell, Wheelie got a figure before Soundwave! Even Ironhide and Ratchet made it to market quicker than one of the most popular Transformers. I think the last G1-styled Soundwave in the right scale was from the War for Cybertron 3-pack. Even then, that figure was a little wonky with his hollow forearms and super skinny biceps.

Currently, the only Soundwave figures on the market that could take cassettes are the Bumblebee and Generations versions. However, neither of these transforms into a stereo. Of course, you could always hide Rumble in Blaster. Or, if you want to throw down $62.99, there’s the IDW Shattered Glass Soundwave, who does, in fact, disguise himself as a stereo. The catch? He’s mainly white and comes with a weird green headband.

If you want to go old school, there’s always the J. Balvin version. I’m not sure if the newer cassette figures will fit in an actual G1 Soundwave, but you can always take a shot. That figure is currently in stock and is priced at $69.99. He comes with recolored versions of Ravage and Laserbeak.

Which Soundwave minions were your favorites? Did you quickly lose their accessories as I did? I found one of Laserbeaks blasters I’d misplaced in the ’80s inside a random box of VHS tapes. Hmmm…

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