More Army Building G.I. Joes On The Way From Super7


Super7 is moving onto Wave 3 of their G.I. Joe cartoon-inspired ReAction figures. This new batch of characters includes updated versions of a couple of characters and something for those collectors out there looking to amass an army of Cobras or Joes.
The main core of Wave 3 consists of Flint, Roadblock, Snake Eyes (royal blue outfit), Cobra Commander, Firefly, and the Baroness (black outfit). However, this wave really shines when it comes to army building. If you need generic, non-specific Joes or Cobra troops, then Super7 has quite a selection.
Wave 3 has nine different G.I. Joe female combat engineers and nine variations of the Cobra  Snakeling factory workers. Each of the 18 has a different skin tone, hair color, accessory, or hairstyle. Talk about inclusion!
Whether you’re picking up Cobra Commander or the average grunt, each figure is priced at $18. A six-pack of the main characters is also available for $108.

Here’s a breakdown of the Snakeling styles:

  • Goggles & torch, brown
  • Mustache & wrench, brown
  • Beard & blaster, brown
  • Goggles & torch, tan
  • Mustache & wrench, tan
  • Beard & blaster, tan
  • Goggles & torch, pink
  • Mustache & wrench, pink
  • Beard & blaster, pink

And here are all the Joe combat engineer variations:

  • Short hair, pink blaster accessory
  • Short hair, tan, satchel accessory
  • Short hair, brown, weapon accessory
  • Ponytail hair, pink, weapon accessory
  • Ponytail hair, tan, blaster accessory
  • Ponytail hair, brown, satchel accessory
  • Bun hair, pink, satchel accessory
  • Bun hair, tan, weapon accessory
  • Bun hair, brown, blaster accessory

If you’re looking for Navy-based Joes, then check out Wave 2. That collection of ReAction figures also gave us the option to create an army of Cobra Shocktroopers. If a ground assault is more your style, Wave 1’s Joe and Cobra Troopers should fit the bill.
What do you think of Super7’s G.I. Joe figures? Let us know below.
[Soure: Super7]

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