Scott Snyder Breaks Down His New Comic Book Imprint

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“Batman: Court of the Owls” writer Scott Snyder has been busy since the conclusion of the DC Comics story-arc “Death Metal.” He is not only working with Image Comics on ‘Undiscovered Country’ and Dark Horse on ‘Nocterra,’ but he is also launching his own imprint Best Jackett Press which has an exclusive deal with Amazon and Comixology.
He recently sat down with Newsarama to discuss his new comic company and what fans can expect from his imprint.
“The real excitement is about trying something new. What all of us involved want to actualize is that digital comics aren’t an arm of print where it has to be the same price point, the same size, etc. Instead, we’re customizing it for the platform,” he explained. “For example, what we’re doing with Tula, Barnstormers, we’re looking to be more serialized like a comic strip for digital. For the print edition, it might work better as a hardcover graphic novel.”
“Everything is about how to look at each book and determine how it would work best for digital, and then how it would work best for print – independent of one another. That’s what really got me in the door with Comixology, and by extension Dark Horse,” he added.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons
Snyder went on to say that he and his collaborators can keep the “ancillary rights” to their works so they do not have to go through a third party for television or movie deals. He is open to other creators pitching their ideas, hoping Best Jackett Press does not become a vanity publisher.
“Best Jackett Press is totally independent,” he said. “The idea of now being able to do something – to fund and help realize up-and-coming creators’ goals – is great.”
“All we’re asking is to recoup our investment, and a small percentage if it becomes the next Star Wars or something… but nothing predatory. I want to be able to pay it forward, and that’s a big part of what we’re doing at Best Jackett Press. We want to be good players in comics, and do things to push things forward and take risks,” Snyder continued.
‘We Have Demons’ is one of their originals to be released exclusively with Comixology and Amazon. It re-teams Snyder with artist Greg Capullo, who worked with Snyder during their New 52 run of ‘Batman.’

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