Toei Announces New Film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’

Toei Animation made a huge announcement for fans of the Dragon Ball universe with the release of a teaser for a new film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ at the Comic-Con @ Home 2021. Mangaka and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama will be heavily involved. While the trailer did not give much in the way of the plot, it showed protagonist Goku training before the title appears.
Check out the trailer here:

According to Crunchyroll, “After a scorching performance of the “CHA LA HEAD CHA LA” theme song from Dragon Ball Z by Hironobu Kageyama, Goku VA Masako Nozawa joined Toei Animation producer Norihiro Hayashida, and Toriyama’s editor and Dragon Ball series executive producer Akio Iyoku to discuss the new film, showing off character art for the likes of Piccolo, Pan, and Krillin. We also got a look at some of the detailed environments before they moved on to talking about how heavily involved Toriyama is in the film once again.”
“He was deeply involved in the last movie ‘Broly’ as well, but he’s even more invested this time,” Iyoku explained during a panel. He added that “Toriyama-sensei himself would say this is the best movie yet” after revealing Toriyama was developing the script while the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ was in development.
Concept art for fan-favorite characters Krillin, Pan, and Piccolo was also released during the panel.

They also showed concept artwork for two new characters that will be featured in the movie. They did not have a name yet.

You can watch the full panel here:

As Funimation noted back in May when the film was first announced, “‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly,’ which debuted in Japanese theaters in December 2018, grossed over $124 million worldwide during its theatrical run, including $35 million in the Japanese box office and over $30 million in the United States box office. It’s currently the thirteenth highest grossing anime film of all time worldwide.”

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