Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo Reunite For New ‘Batman/Spawn’

DC Entertainment announced a huge crossover event at San Diego Comic-Con. After twenty years since their last collaboration, Batman and Spawn are coming together for a new event. Written by Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane and drawn by “Dark Nights: Metal” artist Greg Capullo, the new miniseries will see the Court of Owls pit the two vigilantes against each other.

McFarlane explained on DC’s website, “Look, this is really simple. I get to play with one of the greatest comic characters ever (Batman), get to reunite with amazing artist Greg Capullo, AND am able to mix in my own creation (Spawn) into the storyline. These are the types of projects many of us creators in the comic industry only get to be a part of a few times in our careers.”

“My goal with this book is two-fold; First to just make it as fun a read as possible both visually and story wise. Then second, I hope this book will continue to add to some of the many reasons any of us actually collect superhero comic books. That’s to release an “Event” book that folks will remember for years to come. This should be one heck of a nice holiday gift,” he continued.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to draw both Spawn and Batman each for over a decade,” added Capullo. “Now I get to use those decades of experience to bring fans the event they’ve waited nearly 20 years to see happen. Spawn and Batman together again. It’s gonna be fire.”

Set for release on December 13, 2022, the Dark Knight and the One crossover will feature a cover from Capullo:

There will be several variant covers for this series done by McFarlane, Gabriele Dell’otto, Sean Murphy, Franceso Mattina, J. Scott Campbell, and Jim Lee.

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