New Wave Toys’ New Jam is Replica Boomboxes

The number one thing that I think of when I recall the 1980s is a boombox, more than video game consoles or super-macho cartoon heroes. Yes, those giant, silver twin speaker beauties could be hoisted on one shoulder and would go through several D-cell batteries per day. Nothing cemented your status as the cool kid quite like a tall stack of tapes and Toshiba deck.
If you’re nostalgic for those days of blasting Tiffany, NKotB, or Run-DMC out of a portable stereo, then New Wave Toys has two new items for you. Although the company is mainly known for its mini arcade cabinets and other gaming-related replicas, it is moving on to another staple of the ’80s. So here come the M90 Mini Blaster and Micro Blaster.
The Mini Blaster is an 11″x6″ replica boombox with two 3″ 30w speakers. It features functional knobs, an FM tuner, working antennas, Bluetooth, MP3 playback, and a working cassette door. It even comes with a small prop cassette. Not a bad deal for $159.99.

New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
Here’s a rundown of the Mini Blaster’s features:

  • Accurately reproduced miniaturized replica of the “King of Boomboxes” that measures:
    Length: 11” x Width: 3” x Height: 6”
  • Highly detailed, durable construction using a blend of traditional materials including: metal, high-density rubber and high-grade plastics
  • Adjustable Treble, Bass, Balance, and Volume knobs
  • FM Radio Tuner with Dual Telescoping Antennas
  • Two 3” speakers deliver 30 watts of Big Power
  • Bluetooth 5.1 featuring maximum wireless range and performance
  • Built in 20,000 mAh battery provides up to 40 hours of playtime
  • USB-A port charges most USB-compatible devices
  • Cassette Door with Eject Button and Smooth Action opening
  • Smooth & Soft Folding Handle
  • USB-C Charge Port (M90 MINI recharging only)
  • Speaker Phone Mode
  • 3.5mm Aux audio input jack
  • On -board control panel with: Power, Mode, Play/Pause, Forward, and Previous Track
  • MP3 Playback via MicroSD and USB-A ports
  • Wireless pairing connects two M90 MINI BLASTERS for Super Stereo Immersion (MINI BLASTER ONLY)
  • Rear Storage Compartment
  • Rubber Feet

The Micro Blaster is a drastically scaled-down version of the mini. This replica is only 4.375″ long and 2.375″ tall. The speakers are tapped at 6 watts. The antennas can be adjusted, but they’re only for show. This one is priced at $59.99 and only has Bluetooth connectivity.

New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
New Wave Toys
  • Accurately reproduced 1:6th scale replica of the “King of Boomboxes” that measures:
    Length: 4.375” x Width: 1.25” x Height: 2.375”
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Dual micro speakers deliver 6 watts of Big Power
  • Articulated handle
  • Telescoping prop antennas
  • Volume Control Dial
  • Rechargeable 850 mAh battery provides up to 20 hours of playtime
  • Lab tested & certified
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