TMNT ReAction Figures’ 6th Wave Brings Napoleon Bonafrog and Chrome Dome!


Super7 keeps chipping away at the massive library of TMNT characters and action figure variants. It may be a few years before we see some of the more laughable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, but we are getting a few gimmick toys here and there that went unsold for a long time in the 1990s.

The 6th Wave of ReAction Figures is pretty strong, with three great figures, including an army-builder character. The $20 figures include Chrome Dome, Napoleon Bonafrog, a Triceraton, and Heavy Metal Raph. I’m hopeful that Chrome Dome will have shiny chrome parts rather than the dull metallic paint we’ve seen on previous figures, including some TMNT Ultimates figures.

As far as army-builder figures go, we’ve got a Triceraton. Like Napoleon, the alien triceratops is a larger action figure. He comes with a Neutron Neutralizer and Laser Phaser. There’s plenty of open space on the figure’s armor and body to individualize each one with some customization.

Our one and only Turtle in this wave is Heavy Metal Raph. The original Playmates version of this figure debuted in 1991, at a time when the toy line was still going strong. It would be a couple more years before the TMNT license lost steam, but this was also a period where the figures were getting more and more gimmicky. ’91 also gave us Hose ’em Down Don, Shell Slammin’ Mike, the Movie Star Turtles, and the Talkin’ Turtles.


Shredder built Chrome Dome to oversee the Technodrome and destroy all Turtles!


  • Gigobyte Goupillion
  • Servo Sai

Peace or die, dudes!


  • Serpent Slasher
  • Sewer Gas Shield

Heavy Metal Raph’s radical riffs are not just for foot stompin’, they’re for stomping Foot Soldiers too!


  • Drumstick Sais
  • Bass Bashin’ Guitar

Grrr, all he wants is to eat rats and destroy Turtles!


  • Neutron Neutralizer
  • Laser Phaser


Will you be picking any of these up? Let us know below.

[Source: Super7]

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