Co-Creator of Doraemon Has Passed Away

Motoo Abiko was found collapsed at his home in Kawasaki, Tokyo on Thursday morning. Police were called for help at around 8:40 am, but by the time officers had arrived, Abiko had already passed away. The police are currently investigating the cause of death, but made note that, upon initial first glance examination, there didn’t appear to be any suspicious wounds or injuries. Motoo Abiko was 88 years old.

Abiko had a pen name which he developed along with Hiroshi Fujimoto. Motoo Abiko was known as Fujiko Fujio (A), and Hiroshi Fujimoto pen named Fujiko Fujio (F), later renamed “Fujiko F. Fujio“. Combined they were known as Fujiko Fujio. Under this pen name, they co-created a highly popular manga series called Doraemon, which ran from 1970-1996. The two men worked together until 1987. Hiroshi Fujimoto passed away in 1996.

Doraemon became an extremely successful children’s media franchise. It has an impressive 41 movies count, plus two specials. The latest one movie just came out in March of this year. And two anime series, with the first airing in 1973. The second anime series began airing in 2005, and is still ongoing and a highly rated weekly Japanese television series.

Motoo Abiko was a manga creator throughout his career. Creating such works as Ninja Hattori (1964), Little Monster (1965), and The Smiling Salesman (1989). He was also creator of several anime titles including adaptions of some of his manga series like The Smiling Salesman and Ninja Hattori. Ninja Hattori was adapted as a T.V. series that ran from 1981-1987, with three anime films from 1982-1984, followed by a 2004 live-action movie. Little Monster was adapted into two television anime series that aired from 1968-1969, and 1980-1982, followed by two anime films in 1981 and 1982. Another series he created was called Pro Golfer Saru, which was adapted into an anime TV special and an anime series that aired from 1985-1988, as well as two anime movies in 1986 and 1987. The Laughing Salesman was adapted into a anime TV series that ran from 1989-1992, with a 2017 anime series called The Laughing Salesman NEW, which followed more of his most recent adaption of his work.

Source: ANN

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