Murderous Puppet Survival Horror Game ‘My Friendly Neighborhood’ Gets A Release Date

My Friendly Neighborhood release date announced.
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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood if you like your neighbors to be aggressively friendly sentient puppets. If that’s your bag or you’ve always wanted to blow some Muppet-looking abominations away with various weapons, then My Friendly Neighborhood is for you. And it’s coming out very soon!

Thanks to My Friendly Neighborhood‘s Steam page, we learned that the game has a planned release date of July 18, 2023. In a month, you’ll be able to take on the role of a handyman who must figure out why a long-canceled puppet show has started broadcasting again from its defunct studio.

My Friendly Neighborhood is a mix of FPS, survival horror, and some resource management. The murderous puppets can be put down temporarily with the creative weapons you come upon. Sadly, they won’t stay sedated for long. You’ll need to tie them up, or they’ll return to their terrifyingly cheerful ways the next time you pass through.

I played the My Friendly Neighborhood demo last year, and it was fun but not as engaging as Polly Playtime. The demo delivered a mix of nostalgia for the classic days of Sesame Street and Muppets while creating decent scares as the sentient puppets tried to embrace you in a deadly way. However, I didn’t come away feeling like the gameplay would be much more in-depth than the average FPS.

The variety of puppet foes was also underwhelming. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the final build set next month. The release date trailer shows off a few new enemy types, though.

Something scary is happening with everyone’s favorite Saturday morning puppet show, The Friendly Neighborhood! Play as Gordon, a repairman sent to get to the bottom of this disturbing dilemma. Fend off puppets and solve puzzles in this survival horror adventure.

[Source: Steam]
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