Hello, You! It’s An Interview With Fact Hunt’s Larry Bundy, Jr. and Kneon!

In our ongoing interview series with YouTubers, we’ve invited gaming researcher and all-around legend Larry Bundy, Jr. This time around, Kneon joined me on this interview to make it more interesting. Check out the video as we go off the rails on totally unrelated topics!

Aside from Larry’s YouTube channel, he also has a Pixel Empire store. If you’re interested in getting Larry’s videos in coffee table book form, you’re in luck! Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games is available in hardcover and Kindle form over at Amazon.

Larry Bundy, Jr.

A bumper collection of facts about video games from YouTuber extraordinaire, Larry Bundy Jr, this book will debunk myths and urban legends, delve into developers’ biggest successes and failures, explore the odd characters behind the games and unearth the obscure, the forgotten, the cancelled and the abandoned aspects of the gaming world. For the past decade, Larry has painstakingly trawled through countless old magazines, routinely harassed developers, and blackmailed journalists to uncover these amazing tidbits and anecdotes that would have fallen by the wayside of history. Now he has compiled them into a fun, full-colour book with sections on botched game launches, pointless peripherals, unreleased video game movies, weird guest fighters and much, much more. Along the way, he has invited a few famous gaming guests, including Stuart Ashen and Did You Know Gaming?, to provide their favourite quips for your personal perusal. So whatever your level of knowledge about video games, you’re guaranteed to learn a ton of entertaining new information.

Larry’s latest video as of this interview is about a Sonic game that was recalled only 24 hours after it hit the streets.

By far, Larry’s most interesting research video is regarding the Driv3r scandal. DriverGate involved the dirty deeds of not only the developer and publisher of the game but games journalists, too. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am.

What’s your favorite episode of Fact Hunt? Let us know in the comments section below.

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