You Need Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Sick Kicks On Your Shelf

You may not be able to afford the real Jean-Claude Van Damme to sit atop your shelf. OK, nowadays you probably could. However, Diamond Select has just the thing for you if space is an issue. Introducing a 10″ tall version of the “Muscles from Brussels.”
This statue is 10.5″ in height and is made from PVC. It features Van Damme demonstrating his iconic high kick. Rippling muscles and bulging quads are included! They even threw in his chiseled good looks and boyish haircut.
The statue is priced at $49.99 and is limited to two-per-customer. Expect these mini-Jean-Claudes to arrive in August of this year.

Diamond Select
Diamond Select

The Legend begins! Diamond Select Toys kicks off a new line of Jean Claude Van Damme collectibles with this Gallery Diorama of the Muscles from Brussels in one of his iconic, superhumanly balanced poses! Demonstrating one of his famous high kicks in front of a gong, the young JCVD stands approximately 10.5 inches tall and is made of high quality PVC. It comes packaged in a full color window box.

Van Damme had a storied career in the early ’90s. However, he came around at a time when the whole super-macho heroes of the 1980s were on the way out. His role as Guile in Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game: The Movie: The Debacle didn’t help cement his career as a leading man. To be fair, his fight scenes in Bloodsport are friggin’ amazing.

At the very least, he did contribute to the Predator franchise … by being cut out of the movie and having the film’s monster totally reimagined.

What are your thoughts on Van Damme and his Hollywood career? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. But be careful because he may just be watching … just like the Predator.
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