Super Accurate ‘The Goonies’ Prop Replica Coming Soon!

Hey you guys! Break out the rich stuff and get ready for adventure!
Copper Bones replicas have been available before over the years. I’ve owned a few myself, each being noticeably different from the other. When I heard through that the item would hit the market again, I thought it would be another cheap cast-and-cash-in. Boy, was I wrong!

Factory Entertainment
What sets this one apart from the rest is just how accurate it is. How is it so screen-accurate? Factory Entertainment got their hands on the quite rare screen-used prop! Apparently, not many people have been allowed to see the original Copper Bones:

Working with the authorization of Warner Bros. and Amblin, Factory Entertainment was able to locate the actual screen used prop, which had been stored in the private collection of a prominent film maker.
The FE team was granted access to the piece and was able to capture all of the fine detail that had only been seen by the few people fortunate enough to handle the prop since the film wrapped over 35 years ago.
Using this newly available reference, our team got to work on replicating the prop by creating a digital sculpt, followed by a 3D printed prototype. The prototype was then used to create a casting master, ensuring that everything present on the original prop would remain intact on the replica.

The skull is way more sinister in this version. I really dig it!
The Copper Bones will be available in the autumn of this year. The replica is listed at $99.99, and the run will be limited. So, pre-order now.
What other props from ‘The Goonies’ would you like to see on the market? One-Eye Willy’s flag? Data’s slick shoes? A full-size, functional bone organ? Mama Fratelli’s hat? Let us know in the comments.
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