This Video Game Company Wants to Make MONEY Again…

Square-Enix has decided that they want to make money again. They’re publishing Fantasian: Neo Dimension by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. It looks like a throwback to PS1-era Final Fantasy games. This is after offloading money-hemorrhaging Crystal Dynamics, sacking a bunch of Western game developers, and dropping PlayStation exclusivity. Well now…

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Square Enix is shifting its focus back to its roots in RPG games, working with the creator of Final Fantasy to create profitable and consumer-driven content.

00:00 Square Enix is pivoting away from western AAA games and releasing Kingdom Hearts on Steam to become profitable again.

02:11 Video game company is trying to make money again by bringing back the creator of Final Fantasy for a new game.

03:40 Square is making a comeback by bringing back the GU and working with the Founding Father of Final Fantasy, a good move after recent layoffs and the decision to release content on every platform.

06:18 Companies need to pivot business models to give consumers what they want, instead of forcing products through manipulative marketing, prioritizing their preferences over customer needs.

08:10 Square lost money with Crystal Dynamics and the Marvel game, learned to give consumers what they want, and should focus on creating RPGs.

10:24 A video game company is aiming to make money again by creating a game with Final Fantasy elements.

11:50 Fantasian, a retro-inspired RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy, is coming to the Nintendo Switch, blending modern and old school sensibilities.

13:17 Square is no longer exclusive to PlayStation, laid off Western developers, and is focusing on profitable games, while consumers demand better quality games for their money.

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