Amazon Cutting Back On Remote Workers Starting In May


One good thing that came out of the hell we all have endured over the last three years is that some companies realized remote workers are not taboo. This was a boon for people who drive far distances to work, albeit with a few caveats management had to sort out. Finally, however, one major company, Amazon, is ready to get employees back into the office this year.

Via PC Mag, we learned that Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has called to cut back on how many days remote workers can stay home. Although Jassy did not give specific examples, the CEO alludes to teams working better when they are face-to-face in a corporate memo, “When you’re in-person, people tend to be more engaged, observant, and attuned to what’s happening in the meetings and the cultural clues being communicated.

He offers his firsthand experience with in-person brainstorming sessions, “This rapid interjecting happens more often in-person because people feel less inhibited about jumping in or even interrupting sometimes.” Although working remotely is advantageous for the single worker, I can understand that this decision is for the betterment of various teams.

With a few exceptions, Jassy will terminate full-time remote work as of May 1st. This change will see most employees returning to the office for “at least three days per week.” But, again, he offered no tangible evidence for this move aside from a personal account and anecdotes. Was there a noticeable downturn in quality?

I have managed remote workers before, and that experience showed me that it’s always a mixed bag of quality. Ambitious workers will do everything possible to prioritize communication, while others treat it as a reason to put in half the effort. Something quantifiable can be observed over time to show a dip or surge in productivity, but I’m unsure how Amazon’s various departments judge theirs.

What do you think of remote work? Let us know below.

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