‘The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious’ English Dub Announced

‘The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious’ is a romantic comedy manga written and drawn by Wakame Konbu. It began publication by Square Enix in 2020 with Yen Press picking it up for release in English. Its popularity led to the Japanese animation studios Silver Link and Blade for an anime adaptation that was released in 2022. It is directed by Misuzu Hoshino and Mirai Minato, who also works as a writer for the show.

Crunchyroll announced that they were developing an English dub with the cast being revealed on their website.

Macy Anne Johnson (Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie) will take on the voice of Yuuri while Natalie Van Sistine (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town) will portray the titular maid Lilith. John Burgmeier, Rachel Thompson, and Dusty Feeney are also members of the cast.

Megan Shipman works on the project as the ADR Director with Natalie Rose joining as the assistant ADR Director.

You can watch the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“The maid Lilith, hired to look after young Yuuri and his family’s mansion, seems highly suspicious: she is too good to be true. Every dish she serves turns out to be delicious, the whole residence sparkles after she cleans it, and all the clothing has given off a pleasant scent since she started doing the laundry. Furthermore, her devilishly beautiful eyes only serve to heighten Yuuri’s suspicions. Is Lilith perhaps a witch or a sorcerer? Yuuri cannot figure it out. But despite his misgivings, Yuuri has to live with Lilith as he tries to unravel the mystery behind her otherworldly charm.”

The series is also known as ‘My Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious’ in other markets and began publication as a webcomic before being picked up by Square Enix.

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