HBO Max Is Making A Batman Radio Drama With Rosario Dawson as Catwoman

Tired of endless CW shows that never live up to the comic books they’re based on? Well, maybe it’s time to let your mind do the heavy lifting of creating the imagery with the assistance of Hollywood voice talent. That’s what is in store with HBO Max‘s new podcast series Batman: The Audio Adventures.
Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright will be voicing Bruce/Batman, while Rosario Dawson will appear as Catwoman. Joining them are several familiar who piqued my interest. Notably, John Leguizamo taking on the role of the Riddler. Brooke Shields, Brent Spiner, and Kenan Thompson are some of the others who will be joining in on the Gotham City tales, too.


In the scripted audio original, produced in partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, Gotham City comes to lurid life in the theater of your mind with a sensational pageant of technicolor villainy unlike any other on Earth. Mafioso Penguins. Thieving Catwomen. Terrorizing Riddlers. Killing Jokers. A city where some problems can only be solved by a billionaire in a bat costume.

Radio dramas and comic books have gone hand in hand for many years. I was a big fan of The Shadow radio shows when they were re-released during the mid-1990s. There’s just something about the artistry that goes into painting that mental picture with just a few sound effects and a couple of actors coming at you through a speaker.
Of course, Batman is no stranger to having his adventures told via this method. For example, shortly after the Knightfall saga ended, an audio dramatization was created that was pretty good. Check it out below.

Audio dramas may seem quaint by today’s standards, but I’m old enough to remember when they were one of the few ways to get new Doctor Who adventures after the original series ended. To be honest, several of those stories were better than anything we ever got with the relaunch.
What are your thoughts on the audio adventures that surround some of our favorite comic books or television shows? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Super Hero Hype]

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