Transformer’s Blaster Gets Repainted For The Shattered Glass Collection


More Transformers inspired by IDW’s Shattered Glass comic book mini-series are coming from Hasbro Pulse. The line consists of Voyager, Leader, and Deluxe class figures, all in new color schemes to match the alternate dimension where the Decepticons are the heroes and the Autobots are the villains. Wouldn’t the Decepticons change their name to something less sinister then? Oh, well.
So far, we’ve seen alternative versions of Ultra Magnus, Jetfire, Goldbug, Starscream, Blurr, and Megatron. Today we learned that another Autobot is joining the mix to outnumber the Decepticons. This time it is Blaster!
Like many of the others in this line, Blaster is a re-release with new colors. This Blaster was previously seen in the Legacy line. The inverted paint job he’s sporting now is interesting, to say the least. Autobot Rewind is also included, and he now has a translucent blood-red body.
Blaster can be pre-ordered now for $41.99 and is estimated to ship during the beginning of November.


Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots…an upside-down world where the bad guys are good, and the good guys are bad. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic Decepticons battle the evil Autobots.

The devious Autobot (so weird to say) comes with the following features:

  • Figure depicts the ruthless Autobot Decepticon communications expert, Blaster, with deco and details inspired by the Shattered Glass universe
  • Converts from robot to cassette player mode in 20 steps
  • Features purple Autobot logo and comes with a blaster accessory
  • Includes Autobot Rewind Micromaster figure that converts from robot to cassette mode in 8 steps
  • Comes with the second of a 5-issue IDW Shattered Glass miniseries with a Hasbro Pulse exclusive variant cover you can only get with the figure, featuring spot UV

What do you think of the Shattered Glass Blaster? Let us know below.
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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