Mass Effect’s Sovereign Statues Brings The Reapers Into Your Home

Fifteen years ago, gamers were introduced to the world of Mass Effect and the ancient devastating force known as The Reapers. Phew, I’m feeling a bit old now. These were the classic days of Bioware when story and characters mattered more than DLC and EA’s greed. So what better way to celebrate the golden days of Bioware than by picking up a $299.99 replica of Mass Effect’s Sovereign?
The gargantuan Reaper craft known as Sovereign was our first taste of the Reaper threat in the Mass Effect trilogy. Just one Reaper managed almost to decimate millions of lives in one battle nearly. Just imagine what an entire armada of these things could do! Now you can bring that kind of evil home with you!
Sovereign can be pre-ordered now from Dark Horse Direct for $299.99. The statue stands 14″ tall and is made by Gentle Giant Studios, a company known for producing a lot of Star Wars merchandise. Only 1,000 of these statues are going to be made.

Dark Horse Direct

Dark Horse Direct
Dark Horse Direct
Dark Horse Direct
Dark Horse Direct
Dark Horse Direct

Reaper Sovereign has landed on Eden Prime after 50,000 years and is reigning down planet-shattering destruction. This spectacular replica is made of polyresin and crafted by the masters at Gentle Giant Studios. At 14-inches tall on an 11-inch diameter base, this statue will have you re-experiencing this iconic moment from Mass Effect. A limited-edition of just 1000 units, be sure you are prepared for the oncoming invasion!

Here are the details:

  • Edition Size: 1000
  • Expected to Ship to Customers: November 2022 – January 2023
  • Materials: Polyresin
  • Sculptor, Prototyping, and Paint: Gentle Giant Studios
  • Ordering Limitations: 2 Per Customer
  • Product Packaging Size: 16” (406.4mm) x 13” (330.2mm) x 13” (330.2mm)
  • Product + Packaging Dimensional Weight: 9lbs

Let us know what you think about this Mass Effect statue in the comments section below.
[Source: Dark Horse Direct]

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