Blizzard To Improve Diversity and Inclusion By Hiring First “VP Of Culture”

Activision Blizzard

Embattled Blizzard Entertainment is trying to improve its image by hiring the company’s first Vice President of Culture. A former Walt Disney employee named Jessica Martinez will fill the VP position.
So, what will Martinez be tasked with inside the walls of Blizzard Entertainment? According to an Inside Blizzard post, the new hire will be instrumental in “growing and implementing our culture strategy, ensuring alignment across all teams and functions, and revamping learning and talent development programs.
Further along in Blizzard’s statement, we learned more about Martinez’s qualifications. Her previous position included 14 years with the Wald Disney COmpany as Chief of Staff and advisory positions to the Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology & Digital Officer for Disney Parks and Resorts. Her duties in those roles were not clear, but Blizzard did say, “Jessica was best known for creating a values-driven culture that connected global teams and celebrated diversity.”
The entertainment industry is possibly the only one that I know of that focuses so much on the immutable qualities of employees. Considering Activision/Billzard is currently in a lot of hot water with a wrongful death suit and various sexual harassment claims, creating a “more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture where people at every level can learn, grow, and bring their most creative selves to their work” is the least of the company’s worries.
When I hear about positions being created strictly to focus on diversity and equity, I wonder what the company will cut to fulfill some arbitrary goal. What does Blizzard consider diverse enough or equitable? If a team consisted of ten people from various European countries and cultures, would they be seen as just “white” and disbanded? What are the prerequisites of diversity? Is this all performative to impress forces outside of the office?
Maybe my background in technology makes me wonder how these things are quantified, verified, and acted upon. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Blizzard]

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