MotU: Origins Eternian Royal Guard Is A Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive!


I’m getting worried that He-Man is losing his spot on retail shelves. Every time I go into the store, the pegs for the MotU SKUs are getting fewer and fewer. Will this line end up becoming online-only? Let’s hope not, even if the subject of today’s story is.
Did you missed out on the chance to have the Eternian Royal Guards during the MotU Classics line? If so, Mattel has you covered. However, you can only find this figure at one location, The Big Bad Toy Store.


It’s an exciting time to be a Masters of the Universe fan! For longtime fans and a new generation of kids who love adventure, now is the time to discover the thrilling action of He-Man, Skeletor, the secrets of Castle Grayskull and so much more! These 5.5-inch figures have several movable joints (up to 16 points of articulation!) for action scenes and power posing. MOTU fans and collectors will appreciate the authentic styling that mirrors the original 1980s MOTU characters while adding modern design elements.
This exclusive figure features removable armor and a clean shaven Man-at-Arms head sculpt!

This guy won’t break the bank, either. The royal guard is priced at $16.99, comparable to the other standard figures in the Masters of the Universe: Origins line.
Something I did notice is that this armor doesn’t have interchangeable chest plates. In the Classics release, there were battle-damaged inserts. It’s not a complaint, seeing that this figure is priced well. He already comes with quite a lot of stuff, and having those extra armor pieces means more mixing and matching among the other Masters.
If you want the guard sooner than later, you’ll need to order soon. Soon meaning TODAY!
Note: Pre-orders placed BEFORE 9:00 am CST on 6/7/2021 will have estimated arrival of September 2021
Pre-orders placed AFTER 9:00 am CST on 6/7/2021 will have estimated arrival of December 2021
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