Catch John Rambo’s First Blood Figure Fresh From ThreeZero Toys

Sylvester Stallone’s likeness and torment have been captured perfectly by ThreeZero in this brand new Rambo: First Blood figure. John Rambo stands 12″ tall and comes roughed up, like his on-screen counterpart. But, unfortunately, the Vietnam War was not kind to this man, and neither was the town of Hope, Washington.
Rambo is currently available for pre-order and is due out during the first quarter of 2022. The figure comes with all the accessories needed to replicate the iconic hero’s look when first introduced to moviegoers almost 40 years ago. The hair, the stare, it’s all there!

Features and accessories:

  • 12” (~30cm) custom designed action figure body
  • Realistic head sculpt matching the likeness of John Rambo
  • Heavy combat weathering
  • Headband
  • Grey tank top
  • Jeans
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Poncho
  • Iron Wire


  • 1 Survival Knife (with sheath)
  • 1 Hunting Spear
  • 1 M16A1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 M60 Machine gun
  • 5 Ammo belts

Exchangeable Hands:

  • 1 pair of Fists
  • 1 pair of hands for Assault Rifle
  • 1 pair of hands for Machine Gun
  • 1 right hand for Hunting Spear
  • 1 left hand, relaxed

Ted Kotcheff’s adaptation of First Blood kicked off a franchise that survived decades from its 1982 release. Then, the name ‘Rambo’ became synonymous with over-the-top bravery and extreme violence against an enemy. The man himself also became an icon in children’s media, as many R-Rated characters did in the ’80s.
Rambo got his own video games on the NES and C64. The man even got his own toy line, which was based on his Saturday morning cartoon!

Though Rambo’s adventures into these other forms of media weren’t as successful as Robocop’s or Freddy Krueger’s, he still lived on without being painfully rebooted. Except for the latest film, Last Blood, the movie franchise was pretty great.
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