New Gorillaz Figures Are Ready For ‘Strange Timez’ In Space

Superplastic will be releasing four figures based on the Gorillaz Song Machine video ‘Strange Timez.’ Set for sometime between February and April 2022, Noodle, Russel, Murdoc, and 2D are decked out in spacesuits and feature glowing eyes.
The vinyl figures do not feature any articulation, but Murdoc and Noodle both come with “anti-gravity” bases. Each character is 12″ tall and can be pre-ordered as a set for $420 through Sideshow.


2D, Murdoc, Noodle & Russel are prepared for ‘Strange Timez’ in spacesuits and jetpacks with light-up eyes and special gravity-defying tools for Murdoc and Noodle! Suited up in the drippiest 12-inches of vinyl, don’t miss your chance to add the Gorillaz: Spacesuit Set to your Superplastic collection.

The music video isn’t as memorable as others over the past couple of years, but the song is the typical Gorillaz fare.
The fictional band debuted their first album in 2001 and sparked an interesting success story. Over the years, the band members have grown, changed, and evolved. Within the past couple of years, 2D’s eyes now appear white instead of black, while Noodle has had one hell of an arc that is partially outlined in the band’s biography Rise of the Ogre. But, of course, Russel is no longer haunted by his late friends, and Murdoc is … still Murdoc.
There’s a lot of effort put into a band that doesn’t exist. Who would have thought what had been an early ’00s curiosity would turn into such a phenomenon that has managed to last two decades?
The merchandising has been bland, at least here in the US. There are some figures, t-shirts, and whatsits. But, unlike other IPs, you don’t see kids Halloween costumes of the band members or breakfast cereals. Though … would you really want to eat something with the Gorillaz branding on it?
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