TMNT Ultimates Wave 7 Has Punk Rock Don and Robotic Bebop

Super7‘s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of Ultimates action figures is now on its 7th Wave. As expected, the character selection is starting to slide into the territory of lesser-known or alternative takes on known characters. Regardless, some of these guys look awesome.
Metalhead Michelangelo, Punker Don, a Triceraton, Robotic Bebop, and Guerrilla Gorilla are priced at $55 each. You can also pick them up at the Big Bad Toy Store. The expected release date is the first quarter of 2023.

Guerrilla Gorilla appears to have the most bang for your buck as he comes with this slew of parts and accessories:

  • 2 Interchangeable heads
    • Smiling head
    • Screaming head
  • 10 Interchangeable hands
    • 2 Fists
    • 2 Open hands
    • 2 Grip hands
    • 2 Trigger hands
  • 2 Gorilla-walk hands
  • 3 Grenades
  • Monkey Machine Gun
  • Banana Bazooka with Coconut Ammo
  • Banandolier with 7 bananas
  • Removable Helmet
  • Combat Knife
  • Dog Tags
  • Pair of Ape-iator Sunglasses
Metalhead Mikey’s accessories are similar to what came with the previous Ultimates Metalhead, but with new heads and ‘chucks:

  • 3 Interchangeable heads
    • Neutral head
    • Smiling head
    • Alternate head (light piping)
  • 7 Interchangeable hands
    • 2 Grip hands
    • 2 Fist hands
    • 2 Open hands
    • Finger Whip hand
  • 4 Grenades
  • 2 Real metal chain nunchuks
  • 2 Radical Robo-Chuks
  • Portable Party Pack
  • Radar/Foot Blaster
  • Utility belt
Donnie the Punker has the following accessories:

  • Punker Don figure
    • 3 Interchangeable heads
      • Punk mohawk head
      • Punk goggles head
      • Tongue-out spiked hair head
    • 8 Interchangeable hands
      • Two fists
      • 2 Grip hands
      • 2 Keytar playing hands
      • 2 Pointing hands
    • Record Flyin’ Disk
    • Kickin’ Keytar with strap
    • Punk-Funk Flute Bo Staff
    • Mic Stand
    • Tuning Fork
    • Steel Chain
    • Chain Necklace
RoboBebop can go on a cybernetic rampage with these toys:

  • 9 Interchangeable hands
    • 2 Fists
    • 2 Gripping Hands
    • 2 Open Hands
    • Drill Hand
    • Battle Damaged Hand
    • Mechanical Mutant Claw
  • Laser Luger/Flame Thrower Combo
  • Stained Steel Cutter
  • Cyber Sewer Shield
  • 2 Shoulder Cannon Muzzle Flashes
The alien dino is packing this kind of heat:

  • 6 Interchangeable hands
    • 2 Fists
    • 2 Grip hands
    • 2 Open hands
  • Grenade
  • Neutron Neutralizer
  • Laser Phaser
  • Unearthly Utility Belt
  • Rat Snack
  • Arm Blade
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Wrist Communicator

What do you think of this 7th series of TMNT Ultimates figures? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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