Aoshima’s ‘Knight Rider’ Model Kits Will Be Easier To Find In 2022

The Aoshima Knight Rider models aren’t exactly easy to come by these days. I’ll occasionally spot one in the wild with a price tag of $70+. Today we discovered more reasonably priced kits, including the harder-to-find ones, available at the Big Bad Toy Store.
Since these are pre-order, it would be reasonable to guess that Aoshima is re-issuing the classic kits of KITT, Super Pursuit Mode KITT, and the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit. The model kits are priced at $33.99, $39.99, and $69.99, respectively. Each vehicle is 1/24th scale, and assembly is required. The release date for all three is listed as January 2022.

The Aoshima KITT models are far superior to the AMT release. Those familiar with AMT models know how dodgy the assembly can be, and the accuracy is usually way off when it comes to TV and movie kits. Check out the assembly video below of an Aoshima KITT being assembled.

The F.L.A.G. truck is something I’ve never seen on shelves before. I wasn’t even aware that it existed previously.
The truck itself has a pretty interesting history for those of us interested in what happens to movie and TV vehicles. This past year the original F.L.A.G. truck was located and may be restored. Check out that video here:

The tale of the screen-used KITTs is interesting, too. There were so many re-paints, reuses, and mangled stunt cars in the wake of the show’s four-season run. Even the story behind the KITT that appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood is enthralling.

I saw that KITT when I was a kid, and before they put in the perforated “pee seats.” It was just as cool as sitting in a Barris original Batmobile. So much history packed into those vehicles that it almost courses through you when you sit in the driver’s seat.
Are you a model maker? What are some of your favorite kits that you’ve assembled over the years? Let us know in the comments.
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