The Spengler Special Is Unlocked At HasLab’s Proton Pack Campaign!

Hasbro’s Spengler Proton Pack crowdfunding campaign has smashed through three or the four stretch goals. There are still six days left for the project to gain over 2,500 more backers to reach the final unlockable tier.
At this point, we’re getting a hose, Mini-Pufts, and now the Spengler Special tier. So what’s in this third unlocked level? Well, it’s probably the most underwhelming part of this whole thing. It’s a notebook and stickers. Yup. For reaching 13k backers, we’re getting what looks like something you’d find at the checkout line of your local Barnes & Noble.


This stretch goal really slaps! That’s right, unlock the exclusive Spengler Special and get a sheet of Ghostbusters-themed decals to slap on your pack, your notebooks, or whatever else you want to have a little eerie flair! We want you to be able to bust in style while expressing yourself. And lastly, we want to make sure you all know exactly how to bust ghosts, and that’s why we’ve decided to include Egon Spengler’s 16-page notebook. Featuring schematics, handwritten notes, and personal anecdotes, this exclusive notebook is a must-have for any card-carrying Ghostbusters fan! Electric.

I’m disappointed with the Class III unlockables. This tier should have been something more beneficial for the proton pack. You know, like an actual ALICE pack! Those packs range between $50-$100 but can be obtained in bulk for even less. Why not include those?
The journal and stickers feel like throwaway items. If Hasbro wanted to include paper goods, why not replicas of Egon’s various degrees? Maybe a copy of Tobin’s Spirit Guide? Hell, even a scaled replica of Muncher would have been more appealing than this.
Think about where this stretch goal sits in the grand scheme of things. It’s one tier below the grand finale that is the custom stand for the pack. So how do a 16-page journal and some stickers even build up to that? It’s such a weird choice.
Then again, when we see how the Rancor campaign rolled out, I shouldn’t be that surprised with mediocre unlockables.
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