The Journey to Requiem Part 1

The cartoon series, which aired from 1983-1985, did not have a completed ending as was the case with many animated shows of that era. A script, intended to be the final episode for the third season, and potential series finale, called “Requiem”, was written by screenwriter Michael Reaves, who was a regular contributor to the tv series, Dungeons & Dragons. He would later make the script public in 2003 on his website, allowing fans to see, for the first time ever, what the fate of the kids were after the last produced episode aired. In 2006, BCI Eclipse released a collector’s set edition that had a radio show audio version of the script, complete with voice actors, sound effects, and background music. The only original voice actor to reprise their role was Katie Leigh, who voice Sheila from the tv series.

In 2009, a fan from Brazil named Reinaldo Rocha created a comic book version, in Portuguese, that follows the script, giving visual life to what was only imagined through words. Another fan in 2015 translated the fan comic into English and combined the radio show with the comic book into a video, which you can view here:

But there was still that cliffhanger that left fans wondering whether they went home or stayed in the realm. In May of 2019, a French multinational automobile manufacturer called Renault, released an ad promoting their Kwid Outsider car. It became an instant sensation with how close and faithful they were to the original series, right down to the costumes and each characters’ mannerisms and personalities. At the Effie Awards in Brazil, Renault won Advertiser of the Year 2019. See the Best Effie Awards Case Study, along with the ad, in this video:

As an exclusive extra, they also released 8 extra clips, which highlight each Kwid Outsider feature. The 8 clips have been compiled in this video, in Portuguese language:

Fans around the world finally got to see the kids go home. It was a very exciting time and it showed Hollywood, especially, that creating something for the fans is highly possible to be done right and done well. And to be received so well with highly successful return profits.

But the story of the journey home did not end there.

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