Monthly Dragon Age Cancels ‘Cheat Slayer’ Manga From ‘Kakegurui’ Creator

The staff of Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine announced that they are canceling the dark fantasy manga ‘Isekai Tenseisha Goroshi -Cheat Slayer,’ also known as ‘Killing the People Reincarnated into the Other World -Cheat Slayer’ from writer Homura Kawamoto and artist Aki Yamaguchi after one chapter.
As the Anime News Network reports, several readers pointed out that many of the characters designs for ‘Cheat Slayer’ characters shared similarities with characters from other isekai mangas including ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,’ ‘Sword Art Online,’ ‘My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom,’ ‘Overlords,’ and ‘Konosuba.’
The announcement came from the Monthly Dragon Age editorial department.
“Regarding ‘Killing the Reincarnated in a Different World-Cheat Slayer,’ which has been serialized in our magazine since the July 2021 issue, we have decided to cancel the serialization after the August issue of the same year,” they said roughly translated. “We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to our readers and other related parties. I am sorry.”
“Many readers have pointed out that this work depicts characters that are reminiscent of specific characters in other works as villains,” the editors continued. “In response to your indication, the editorial department re-examined it, and found that the design, settings, etc. of the character were expressed with similarities to other works, and that it was too much to be recognized as having the intention of degrading a specific work. Recognizing that there are problems with the publication decision by the editorial department, such as the development and depiction, and the lack of foresight and consideration for the reaction to them, we decided to cancel the serialization.”
The editors added, “We sincerely apologize to the authors and related parties for any inconvenience caused by this matter, and we will take great care not to make any similar deficiencies.”
‘Killing the Reincarnated in a Different World- Cheat Slayer’ told the story of “Lute, a villager who respects and wants to join a guild called “Rebels Against God”, which consists of people reincarnated into the world and who fight against the Demon Lord’s army. The story begins when a person who Lute admires, Louis Crawford appears.”

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