The Game Is aFoot With Super7’s Star Trek: TNG ReAction Figures

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It has been nearly a year since Super7 announced the next wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction figures. Then, out of nowhere, the company announces Wave 3, consisting of nothing but characters from a single episode: Elementary, Dear Data.

This third episode from the second season took place mainly on the holodeck. It saw Captain PicardWorfLa Forge, and Data solving a Sherlock Holmes-styled mystery. Unfortunately, a simple misworded command to the holodeck’s computer adds an advisory to the simulation that can easily outwit Data instead of Sherlock Holmes.

OK, the episode was more about Data, Picard, and Dr. Pulaski. However, you can’t pad out a wave with only two known characters and someone who disappeared after a few episodes. It is odd that we don’t get a Moriarty figure with this wave, considering he is a major player in not only this episode but an overlying dilemma when it comes to the show’s questions about artificial intelligence.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation holodeck figures are light on accessories. Picard comes with a cane. Data has his pipe. Geordi’s sole accessory is a journal.

Each figure in this wave is priced at $20. They’re available right now to ship.

Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction Figures

Image Credit: Super7

Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction Figures
Image Credit: Super7

In this episode, an attempt to provide Data with a challenging role playing game scenario on the holodeck backfires when another character in the game accidentally becomes self-aware. Suit up for a Victorian-era mystery and transport your collection to a fantastical new dimension.

Which special one-off episodes from Star Trek: TNG would you like to see get the ReAction figure treatment? Come to think of it, which special guest appearances would you like to see turned into figures? Should we get multiple waves of Jeffrey Combs cameo ReAction figures? I’d buy them!

Let us know your thoughts below!

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