Paranormal Comedy Manga ‘The Vampire Dies In No Time’ Goes On Hiatus

The popular manga ‘The Vampire Dies In No Time’ is going on hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time as the series creator states that he wants to take a break, but is promising that he will return.

“Itaru Bonnoki has announced that his gag manga The Vampire Dies in No Time will be going on an indefinite hiatus,” Crunchyroll reported on their website. “The manga, which runs in Weekly Shonen Champion, is pausing to allow Bonnoki to rest for “a certain period of time.” There’s no estimate for how long this hiatus will run, but its eventual return will be announced in the magazine when the time comes. Bonnoki also apologized to fans who look forward to new chapters, and hopes they will continue to cheer the manga on in future.”

Bonnoki relayed the message on the manga’s Twitter:

Wikipedia describes the synopsis as follows,

“The story follows the famed vampire hunter, Ronaldo, who receives a job to destroy the supposedly invincible vampire lord Draluc and rescue a human boy he allegedly kidnapped. Upon meeting him in his mansion, however, he quickly realizes that he is only called “invincible” because of his unique ability to revive almost instantly after being reduced to ashes, which is convenient since almost anything can kill him due to him being incredibly weak. The boy who was believed to be a hostage just sneaks into the castle regularly to play Draluc’s huge collection of video games. Chaos ensues and Draluc’s castle ends up completely destroyed as a result.

Homeless, Draluc then moves into Ronaldo’s apartment for the time being, much to Ronaldo’s chagrin. He also brings along his familiar, a cute armadillo named John, who Ronaldo becomes fond of. After helping Ronaldo in a case, the two become unofficial partners, often clashing with other vampires and hunters alike.”

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