Super7’s ReAction ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Wave 2 Finally Gives Us ARMUS!

Super7 | CBS Studios, Inc.

Ever since the character was first introduced in the 23rd episode of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Armus has been one of the most fascinating creatures in the franchise’s lore. This slimy and mysterious creature deserves more love. It was so powerful that Armus got Denise Crosby out of her contract.
It only took a few decades, but Armus finally has its own action figure thanks to Super7’s second wave of Star Trek: TNG ReAction figures. Joining the evil sludge are Commander Riker, Counselor Troi, Lt. Commander La Forge, Dr. Crusher, and Q in his robes of judgment.
Each figure is priced at $18, and they stand at 3.75″, with five points of articulation. The entire wave can be picked up for $108. The first wave is also available if you need Picard, Data, and Worf.

Super7 | CBS Studios, Inc.
Super7 | CBS Studios, Inc.

Why Armus was never revised in Star Trek is a mystery to me. I’m not counting Lower Decks because anything associated with Trek since 2005 is a soulless product to me. The creature had immense power, and its origins were shrouded in mystery. What would have happened if Armus could get off Vagra II in search of the beings who created it? It’s also a missed opportunity in that we never saw the creature’s creators, who were said to be so beautiful that their sight “now dazzles all who see them.
When Galoob originally had the license to create Star Trek: TNG figures, the MicroMachines company didn’t make many adversaries for the crew to battle. The first series had most of the bridge crew and featured nicely detailed faces and uniforms. Before the toy line perished, Gloob produced a Ferengi, Antican, Selay, and Q. There were plans to release more figures and playsets, but that didn’t happen.
Here’s a rundown of the released and unreleased figures based on the first season of TNG.

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