Chris McKay Calls Johnny Quest Film A “Big-In-Scope Family Action Movie”

‘The Tomorrow War’ director Chris McKay is tackling the long-suffering ‘Jonny Quest’ live-action adaption that has been in development since the 1990s. With several directors passing on the Warner Bros. production, McKay promises a “big-in-scope family action movie.”
Sitting down with Collider, McKay shared his vision for the film after taking over from ‘Spy Kids’ director Robert Rodriguez.
“What I like about Jonny Quest is that it’s kind of a family that you make,” McKay said. “We have all of your favorite Jonny Quest characters, and then some deep dives. Jonny is a character who experienced grief. His mother died, and it’s about how the people around you can help you overcome grief. At the end of the day, there is something about that.”
Comparing it to ‘Indiana Jones,’ he continued, “But it’s also very ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ It’s a world-hopping movie looking for a real-world artifact to stop a big global catastrophe. I really love the characters, and I really love the relationships in Jonny Quest. The writers did an amazing job. And I’m hoping that WB wants to make that movie really soon because it’s going to be really cool, it’s going to be a big movie like Tomorrow War, it’s going to be a big-in-scope family action movie.”
‘Jonny Quest’ is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series that followed the titular young man, his father Dr. Benton C. Quest, bodyguard Race Bannon, adopted brother Hadji Singh, and their bulldog Bandit as they go on fantastic adventures. From searching for treasures to slaying monsters to even encountering aliens, Johnny and his entourage were never short on puzzles to solve.
The original series ran for two seasons in the 1960s. The popularity led to a continuation in the 1980s, television films, and a remake titled ‘The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest’ which introduced the digital world to the mythos.
Like many Hanna-Barbera properties, it has been optioned for a live-action remake that has been stuck in development limbo since the 1990s.
‘Superman’ director Richard Donner was originally slated to develop a film. When that project fell through, the project went quiet for many years until 2009 when ‘Shockingly Evil and Vile’ actor Zac Efron and ‘Black Adam’ star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson expressed interest in making a film. In 2014, ‘Spy Kids’ Robert Rodriguez was planning on directing and co-writing a script before ultimately passing on the project.

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