A New Multiplayer Marvel Game Is Rumored For the PS5

Sony’s Playstation 5 may be getting an exclusive Marvel Comics multiplayer game. At least that is the rumor we saw being reported over at ComingSoon.
The info came from the XboxEra podcast, episode 76, hosted by Nick Baker. In the podcast, he makes a short statement about a rumor he heard about a Marvel multiplayer game being developed for Sony’s PS5. Baker admits that it sounds silly, but it may not be too far-fetched considering Sony’s success with Insomniac’s Spider-Man games.
Check out the timestamped video below for the info in question.

The last time we got some multiplayer Marvel action was with The Avengers game from SquareEnix. Unfortunately, that title didn’t fare too well after launch. The Sony-exclusive Spider-Man in-game character still hasn’t launched, and we’re rapidly coming up on the first anniversary.
To be fair, the game has received several free expansions, but the amount of work that a player needs to dedicate to the game in order to unlock anything is insane. As a result, Avengers feels like a freemium game but designed for a console.
I finished the campaign within the first week after launch and quickly got bored. The post-campaign gameplay consists of doing the same handful of missions repeatedly to grind experience and materials so you can afford a few nice-looking character skins. Yup that smells like a mobile game to me.
I’m not sure where the player base stands right now, but it was nearly impossible to get a game going with a whole crew of people a few months post-launch. Of course, it didn’t help that even the Earth’s mightiest of heroes felt drastically underpowered when facing robots and clones of Abomination and Taskmaster. Yeah… imagine the Hulk getting his ass kicked by a scrawny robot.
I want escapism when it comes to my superhero viddy games, brah. So please don’t put up these arbitrary roadblocks when it comes to demigods and rage monsters.
What are your thoughts on this rumor? Is it destined to be another Avengers debacle, or could this be something better? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: ComingSoon]  

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