Tomax, Xamot, and Raven Join Super7’s G.I. Joe ReAction Figures

Photo Credit: Super 7

Super7’s G.I. Joe ReAction figure line is still churning out figures. Wave 5 has a few familiar faces, and some fan favorites are showing up for the first time. This time around, we’re getting twins Xamot and Tomax, Mutt & Junkyard, and a first-ever action figure of COBRA’s Raven!

Wave 5 also includes three infantry-builder characters: Red Laser, a camo Cobra Trooper, and G.I. Joe Military Policeman. Each comes with a weapon. Red Laser comes with a standard laser-blaster pistol. The trooper has a blaster rifle. The MP is equipped with an M16-styled “blaster.”

Photo Credit: Super 7Along with some newcomers, a few previous characters reenlist for this 5th wave, including Duke and Snake Eyes. Technically, these two are returning with modifications to match their appearance in the episode The Vines of Evil (see below). Duke has a “totally not a lightsaber,” ankle controller, and controller stick. Snake Eye has more excellent accessories: a soft goods net, glow-in-the-dark trident, ankle controller, and control stick.

All the figures from this new wave are available now!

Should Super7 make a COBRA gladiator arena from that episode? Put some LEDs in the floor and make it and the antenna glow red? Work in a classic Kenner gimmick similar to moving figure stands to simulate combat? I’d buy it.

Yes, these ReAction figures are still at the new price point of $20 each. But, surprisingly, Junkyard and Mutt bundled together at that price. It makes me wonder what metrics Super7 uses when determining the MSRP of the retro-styled action figures. Could we please get more accessories with the other figures if this is the case?

Since this line focuses on characters as they appeared in the G.I. Joe animated series, what cartoon-specific figures would you like to see show up in the next wave? Maybe mutated Cobra Commander? Let us know below!

[Source: Super7]

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