Hey, Kirby! King Dedede’s Statues Are Here For Your Money!

He’s eating all the food on planet Pop Star! The glutenous King Dedede is the latest video game character to get its own premium statue from First4Figures. As we’ve come to expect from this company, there are several different editions of Kirby’s classic rival. There are five, in fact. There’s a Standard Edition and Exclusive Edition for King Dedede. There are also Standard and Exclusive Editions of Masked Dedede, too. Finally, a Combo Edition lets you get your hands on both versions of the statue!

Depending on the edition you choose, the prices range from $424.99 to $819.99. The King is expected to arrive during the third quarter of 2023.


Kirby’s food-loving, arch-rival–the king of Dreamland on Planet Popstar has been adorably replicated here. His vibrant red and white ensemble is paired with his signature weapon, the wooden mallet! The signature peace sign adorns not only his jacket but the base as well! The sides of the base is inspired by King Dedede’s own clothes and colour scheme.


King Dedede’s armoured alter-ego has been beautifully sculpted. The powered-up king of Dreamland now wears a metallic mask and wields an awesome mechanical hammer. The base is a silver version of King Dedede’s base with his signature peace sign at the centre of it. The silver and mechanical aesthetics makes him look even more formidable. The exclusive edition will include a beautifully detailed gold plated coin with Masked Dedede’s face on one side and his peace sign logo on the other.



Here’s what you’ll get with the Combo Edition:

  • King Dedede painted resin statue
  • Detailed base inspired by King Dedede’s attire
  • Signature weapon mallet
  • Beautifully detailed gold plated coin
  • Limited edition numbering
  • Authentication card
  • Masked Dedede painted resin statue
  • Detailed silver base inspired by King Dedede’s attire
  • Awesomely detailed mechanical hammer
  • Beautifully detailed gold plated coin
  • Limited edition numbering
  • Authentication card
[Source: First4Figures]

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