I’m going back to blogging because Twitter still kinda sucks.

So I think I’m going back to blogging and giving Twitter a rest for a while.

It just makes me angry and wastes time.

When it was announced that Elon Musk was buying Twitter, I hoped the site could be turned around and the insanity would slowly end. Essentially, I wanted Twitter to roll it back to 2009. That is cat pics, food pics, artwork, geek news, and very little political discussion.

But the opposite happened. Twitter became more unruly. More contentious. It’s a different caliber of garbage now, but it’s still mostly garbage.

This could be because Musk is a “wrong thinker,” according to the Tumblr refugees who’ve parked it on the app, or that the mainstream media has lost control of the platform and people are lashing out. It didn’t help that Musk unbanned some folks that the Tumblr crowd really didn’t like.

(These are the same people who swore they’d rage quit the platform if Musk bought it, of course.)

Whatever the reason, it’s clear to me that Twitter will never go back to what I want it to be, and I’m just wasting a lot of my time engaging in bad-faith arguments with legit mentally ill people.

And while it does seem like there’s kinda sorta a plan to eventually turn Twitter into a useful “everything app,” it’s just not there yet. And, frankly, I don’t have the patience to wait for it to get there. As a content creator, there isn’t even a financial incentive to put up with the bullshit at this point.

(You’d be surprised what people are willing to put up with if there’s money involved. Well, actually, no you probably wouldn’t be.)

So the plan is to spend more time building up our own sites, and party like it’s still 2007.

I’ll be posting more op-eds, news, art tips and hot takes over here, and Geeky likely will as well.

We’re also planning on growing out The Reef throughout the year and will have more details about upcoming comic book projects, tabletop games and our planned podcast network.

All in all, I’m hoping that cutting back on social media will let me get back on track and actually make stuff again.

I’ll still keep my Twitter account, of course, but will use it mostly to post links to articles over here.

And who knows? Maybe someday Twitter will actually be worth the time sink.


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