Super7’s Second Wave of G.I. Joe ReAction Figures Brings Army Building

Super7 has announced the second wave of the G.I. Joe ReAction figure line. With this wave comes many general figures great for army building, if that’s your thing. Wave 2 will include familiar faces like Bazooka, Duke, Lady Jaye, Major Bludd, and Storm Shadow.
Then there are the cool figures like one of Gamemaster’s drones; this one is a clown-faced Cobra snow trooper. Other army-building figures include three types of Cobra Shocktroopers and a U.S.S. Flagg load of G.I. Joe sailors!
I’m not kidding. Super7 created nine different types of sailors. Each one has either a distinct facial feature or skin color. Each figure is $18, and these all should be shipping out later this month.


For the first time ever in toy form, as seen in the M.A.S.S. Device storyline! When Cobra needed to defend their relay star satellite against the G.I. Joe’s killer satellite sent to destroy it, Destro teleported in the space-ready Cobra Shocktroopers! These 3.75” articulated G.I. Joe ReAction Cobra Shocktrooper figures feature head-to-toe battle armor detail with three variants to choose from in multiple accent colors and different rifle styles. Your Cobra Commander figure isn’t going to do all the dirty work himself, so you’ll need to add at least a squad’s-worth of Cobra Shocktroopers if he’s going to have any hope of pulling off his evil plans!


The Armed Forces aren’t made up of just one branch of the service, and neither is G.I. Joe. They are joined by Navy-themed “Blueshirt” ReAction figures who are ready to join the fight! These 3.75” articulated G.I. Joe ReAction Blueshirts figures all have Navy style casual blue uniforms with white hats and either bearded, clean-shaven, or mustache facial detail, and include a rifle accessory, with each figure style also being available in pink, tan, or brown color variants. Whether it comes from land, sea, or air, your G.I. Joe collection will be prepared to repel Cobra attack if you add a boatload of G.I. Joe ReAction Blueshirts figures to your troops!

Within the past two weeks, G.I. Joe ReAction figures have been popping up at Target stores. The first wave was on around four pegs at the three stores I checked out. So, this could be good news going forward if people keep buying them up.
Let us know what you think about the ReAction Joes and Cobras in the comments section below.
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