Karai Kicks The Rat King Out Of Super7’s TMNT Ultimates!

Last month we covered the 10th wave of Super7’s TMNT Ultimates being announced. We noted that the Rat King figure looked a little too handsome. That complaint must have been widespread because an e-mail from the company today shows Karai is replacing the Rat King.

Super7 had the following to say:

Turtles fans, we heard your feedback about TMNT ULTIMATES! Wave 10, and we agree! Karai has arrived and chased Rat King away, but have no fear; the rodent rascal will be back in TMNT ULTIMATES! Wave 11 with a new and improved look.

The only problem with the Rat King was his face and hair color. He looked way too pretty to be a sewer-dwelling rodent lover. At least Super7 is taking fan complaints into consideration.

Shredder’s 2nd in command is a surprising addition to the series. The focus for the past few waves had been on the whackier variants of Playmates Turtles figures and some fan favorites from the later cartoon episodes.

Karai Joins TMNT ULTIMATES! Wave 10
Photo Credit: Super7
Karai Joins TMNT ULTIMATES! Wave 10
Photo Credit: Super7

Even though she’s just been added to Wave 10’s lineup, the deadline for pre-orders is still the same. You have until April 28th to order Karai, April, Casey Jones, and Classic Rocker Leo.

Karai will come with the following accessories:

  • 3x Interchangeable Heads
    • 1x Headband Head
    • 1x Masked head
    • 1x Foot Clan Leader Head
  • 10x Interchangeable Hands
    • 2x Fist Hands
    • 2x Gripping Hands (Vertical)
    • 2x Gripping Hands (Horizontal)
    • 2x Bow Firing Hands
    • 2x Chop Hands
  • 1x Wired Soft Goods Scarf
  • 1x Katana
  • 1x Kama
  • 1x Punch Dagger
  • 1x Kusarigama with steel chain
  • 2x Throwing Stars
  • 3x Arrows
  • 1x Compound Bow

Karai was one of the most interesting aspects of the TMNT 2003 and 2012 shows.

What do you think of Super7 swapping the Rat King out for Karai? Let us know below!

[Source: Super7]

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