Mezco Takes Another Trip To Silent Hill With New 5 Points Action Figures


Mezco is back with a new set of figures based on Silent Hill. Specifically, Pyramid Head and the Nurse are based on the creatures we see in Konami’s Silent Hill 2 from 2001. Wow. That makes me feel old. I remember playing that on launch day on my PS2.
Pyramid guy is decked out in a smock and can be armed with either his giant sword or rusty spear. His right arm is interchangeable depending on how you’d like him to hold a weapon.
The Nurse creature is a mixture of sexy and ghastly. The bubblehead is featureless aside from the nurse’s cap and video monitor mouth. She, too, comes with an alternate right arm for holding her pipe any way you see fit.
Both figures are 3.75″ tall and the set is priced at $44. Expect these to start shipping out between December 2022 and February 2023.

As the name implies, the 5 Points figures are limited to only five points of articulation. While it does limit posing options, the figures are designed in such a way that they are already in somewhat dynamic stances rather than being your typical Kenner-styled arms-by-their-sides action figures. These are for displayin’ not playin’.
This pack comes with the following figures and accessories:

  • Bubble Head Nurse – the shrieking and gurgling monster known for her spastic movements. The Bubble Head Nurse is outfitted in a nurse’s uniform and comes with two interchangeable right arms, both of which can hold her rusted pipe accessory.
  • Red Pyramid Thing – the executioner and manifestation of James Sunderland’s desire for punishment. Red Pyramid Thing is outfitted in his signature weathered smock and comes with two interchangeable right arms, both of which can hold his Great Sword or Great Spear accessories.
  • One (1) rusted pipe
  • One (1) Great Sword
  • One (1) Great Spear
  • Two (2) display bases
  • The double-sided diorama features the decrepit halls of Brookhaven Hospital on one side, and the nightmarish basement of the hospital on the other side.

What do you think of these? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Mezco]

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