New Report Exposes The Controversy Surrounding ‘The Last Of Us’ PS5 Remake

The original version of ‘The Last Of Us’ is getting a remake for Sony’s PS5 video game console, but not without controversy. A new report reveals that video game developers Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) were originally tasked to develop the project, but were demoted in favor of Naughty Dog.
Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier writes that Sony’s desire to develop video game franchises lead to some decisions that gave Naughty Dog the upper hand again.
The San Diego-based VASG was tasked with developing the game following the release of ‘The Last Of Us Part Two’ which the team had done support work. However, Sony seemed ambivalent to the remake project, refusing to give the group the proper funding. Sony Worldwide Studios exec Hermen Hulst was shown a portion of the game’s development but apparently did not like what VASG founder Michael Mumbauer showed him, again refusing to increase the budget of the game.
As a result, Sony demoted VASG to serve as support staff and gave the project to Naughty Dog, who then received more financial support for the remake. Schreier reports that this caused an exodus by several VASG employees, including Mumbauer, who had left Naughty Dog to found the group in 2007.
IGN reports that Sony Bend originally wanted to make a sequel to 2019’s ‘Days Gone,’ but that project was rejected in favor of two developments from Naughty Dog. These projects are thought to be a standalone spin-off of ‘The Last Of Us’ and a new addition to the ‘Uncharted’ franchise.
Little is known about how the remake will work with the gameplay or if additional features will be included. ‘The Last Of Us’ is one of Sony’s most popular video game franchises with the sequel being award-winning and critically acclaimed, though many fans protested the graphic death of Joel, the first game’s protagonist.
‘The Last Of Us’ was previously remastered for a PS4 release.

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