Iron Man’s Hall Of Armor Suits Are PX Funko Pop! Exclusives


Long before Robert Downey Jr. helped solidify the MCU as a worthwhile effort, Marvel Comics had been the only solid home for Iron Man and Tony Stark. In 1959 Tony first emerged in a bulky golden suit of armor and became the Invincible Iron Man. Over the years, the technology of the armor has evolved, leaving decades of various iconic designs.
Now, Previews PX is the only place to find the first two figures in the Hall of Armor line of Funko Pops. This initial wave includes the golden version of the Mark 1 armor and the long-time standby Mark III suit.
Both Pops can be pre-ordered now through April 4th. These two exclusives are expected in comic shops on April 27th, 2022. Each figure is priced at $29.99.

Each Pop! Deluxe Marvel Hall of Armor Iron Man figure stands about 3 3/4″ tall and comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box. Look out for more Iron Man Hall of Armor Releases in 2023!


As seen in Tales of Suspense #40, you can add Iron Man‘s classic Golden Armor to your own Iron Man Hall of Armor with Funko! These comic book-inspired designs, built out to include stackable alcoves for each armor, allow collectors to build their own hall of armor.


Built to replace the Mark III after it was heavily damaged in his fight with The Freak, the Iron Man Armor: Mark IV is one of Tony’s most iconic suits to date.

The Hall of Armor has shown up a few times via other companies. Beast Kingdom and Hot Toys have their take on Tony Stark’s armory, but those two specifically focus on the MCU version of the Iron Man suits. The classic Marvel Comics Iron Man deserves more attention.
Which suits are you looking forward to being included in possible future Funko Hall of Armor releases? My personal favorite has always been the Silver Centurion. Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Previews World] [Source: Previews World]

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