Soundwave Joins The G.I. Joe x Transformers Collab!

Transformers Collaborative G.I. Joe x Transformers
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse

Following Megatron and Bumblebee, Soundwave is the latest Transformer to team up with the G.I. Joe universe. The superior Decepticon is working with the Dreadnoks by transforming into the Thunder Machine!

Soundwave’s robot mode retains much of his classic G1 design, including the non-working cassette slot and stereo control buttons on his crotch. Much of the Thunder Machine’s parts are found on the Decepticon’s back, where the vehicle’s cab acts as a place for Zartan and Zarana to stand.

Although the disguise mode is a massive departure from Soundwave’s classic look, it’s impressive that he turns into a functional version of the Thunder Machine. It would have been easy to recycle many of the original toy’s parts, but it looks like Hasbro has made everything from the ground up.

If you were a kid of the 1980s and had the Thunder Machine as I did, you know that some parts broke quickly. Usually, the rear tire guards would snap off because the tabs were small.

One of the weird choices, however, is the brighter color scheme. The original vehicle was much darker. Also, Hasbro chose to include Zartan rather than Thrasher. I guess the face-changing villain is more recognizable than Thrasher.

It’s no surprise that this sold out very quickly at Hasbro Pulse. Thankfully, the Big Bad Toy Store is still taking pre-orders! Soundwave is $99.99 regardless of where you try to order it.





The G.I. Joe and Transformers team-up was recently teased with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (review). Considering how poorly that movie did at the box office, I’m worried that we may never see this ’80s overload ever making it to the big screen.

[Source: Hasbro Pulse] [Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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