New Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

After months of waiting, we finally get to see how the latest Ghostbusters VR game plays, kind of. The new gameplay trailer for Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord shows us that our paranormal elimination equipment can be upgraded and supplemented with various secondary gadgets.

This isn’t as extensive as I had hoped, but the nDreams’s game is getting there. We get a glimpse at the West Coast version of Ecto-1, which looks pretty cool. The new equipment is modeled to match VR handsets, which means the classic wands lose their iconic look.

While we are not shown a coherent playthrough, there’s just enough footage to show us that there are lots of customization options and a heavy emphasis on teamwork. There’s a lot of potential here.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will arrive on October 26th and can be wishlisted for the Meta Quest and PlayStation VR2. There’s a price difference between the two platforms. Meta’s version of the game is $49.99, while Sony’s is $34.99. However, Sony also offers up a “Deluxe Edition” (aka the Full Containment Edition) for $54.99, which includes the following:

• 4 Equipment Skins
• 10 Additional Playable Avatars
• Slimer Hunt feature & collectible
• Additional Bonus Content!

Oh, boy! Additional Bonus Content! That’s my favorite type of nebulous content!

Strap on your proton pack and step into the world of Ghostbusters in immersive virtual reality. Run your Ghostbusters HQ in a new city, San Francisco, and unravel a rich mystery in a new chapter for the Ghostbusters universe.

Wield iconic equipment as you track, blast, and trap ghosts in gripping encounters across an extensive and engrossing campaign. Go it alone, or as a team with up to three friends in co-op to defeat a ghastly new threat – the Ghost Lord. Continue the Ghostbusters’ legacy, protect the city from fiendish ghosts, and experience all the humor and frights from the beloved franchise.

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