DC Comics Releases “First Look” For New Batman Saga ‘Fear State’

DC Comics announced the newest comic book saga for the Batman with the new story-arc ‘Fear State,’ a plot where Scarecrow works with Simon Saint and a band of vigilantes called the Peacekeepers to gain control of Gotham City.
“Dr. Jonathan Crane—the Scarecrow—has caused the Bat-Family to see some of the most terrifying, unconscionable sights while under the influence of his fear gas. He’s brought the world’s strongest people to their knees while driving lesser minds clinically insane. And yet, in Batman: Fear State Alpha #1, he does something that may be more terrifying than anything else he’s accomplished in his eighty years. He partners with Simon Saint,” DC Comics says on their website.
They continue, “The powerful, influential mind behind Gotham’s newly unleashed team of genetically enhanced law enforcers—the Peacekeepers—is a fan of Crane’s work and a believer in one of his more provocative theories about fear and cultural evolution. And with Saint’s financial backing and political influence (more than enough to get Crane out of Arkham Asylum) it appears Gotham is about to become a living test case as it enters a period of relentless trauma and horror—a “Fear State” specifically designed to push its citizens into a new phase of accomplishment. Or those who don’t die in the process, at least.”
DC Comics also released the cover for ‘Batman: Fear State Alpha #1.’

Fear State is written by “James Tynion IV and drawn by The Last God’s Riccardo Federici, Batman: Fear State Alpha ignites a blockbuster new comic book event that will span just about all of the Bat-titles over the rest of the year. Hinted at in DC Future State, Infinite Frontier #0 and Tynion’s most recent Batman storyline “Fear State” will shape the direction of Gotham for years to come while serving as the climax to Tynion’s time writing the Dark Knight.” It is slated to be released on August 31st.

Jacob Airey

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